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Sheboygan South Catholic Parish's Cemeteries

Immaculate Conception Cemetery.jpg

Immaculate Conception


The Immaculate Conception Cemetery is located in a quaint area east of South 12th Street on Weeden Creek Road in Sheboygan, WI.


It currently has a small chapel and a newly constructed garden where loved ones can come and meditate. It also has a Columborium where urns of loved ones can be entombed.

Sexton for the Immaculate Conception Cemetery is Dan McKenzie and can be reached at (920) 889-2756

Holy Cross Cemetery.jpg

Holy Cross Cemetery
Saint Peter Claver

Holy Cross Cemetery is located at 3909 South 12th Street in Sheboygan, WI.

A 252-crypt mausoleum was constructed in 1984. Each year, the first Mass of Septemberfest weekend is celebrated at Holy Cross Cemetery in tribute to the parishioners who are buried there and whose sacrifices made St. Peter Claver parish, along with its school and cemetery, possible.

Sexton for Holy Cross Cemetery is Tom Halbach and can be reached at (920) 627-3730


Greendale Cemetery
SS. Cyril & Methodius

Greendale Cemetery is located at 1008 Greendale Road in Sheboygan, WI.

Sexton for the Greendale Cemetery is John Jacobchick and can be reached at (920) 946-2529

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